Your Happy Card

It’s Monday Morning and I really don’t feel like being at work.  I mean, I REALLY don’t.  Sometimes I’m okay with going to work, knowing I kinda have to, and I actually have a pretty decent job.  But today isn’t the case.  I’m very anti-work this morning.  I’m sure many of you feel the same.

Who’s Fault

I blame the Fox5 Weatherman.  You see, on this particular morning, it’s overcast and dark.  (Rare for Vegas.)   I can smell rain, and I like that.  My friends and family in Chico apparently got dumped on last night, and usually I can expect whatever hit them, to hit me the next day.  Weather Application on phone said 40% chance of storms today.  The stupid news program had clips of rainstorms hitting the Vegas valley.  Bunch of jerks rubbing it in.  Rain is as rare in Vegas as the .99 cent Shrimp cocktail.  I miss rain.  I love rain.  Moreover, I love my REI raingear…

I can’t focus.  I already ate a Cliff Bar for breakfast, and made my cup of Starbucks VIA.  Not even sure caffeine would help at this point.  Nothing really helping at this point.  I need a distraction.  Let’s ruin some office supplies.

It’s arts and crafts time folks!

  1. Take a 3×5 Card.
  2. Turn it lengthwise.  (Landscape for you directionally challenged folks.)
  3. Write ‘My Happy Card’ in the upper left.
  4. Draw a line down the middle.
  5. On the left hand side, under ‘My Happy Card,’ list everything that makes you happy.
  6. (Optional) – On the right side, write down everything you hate doing.
  7. Fold right side behind left side.
  8. Prop up and admire your handy happy card, ignoring the unhappy things.
  9. Rinse, repeat.

This won’t change the fact that I have to be at work the next 10 hours, but it gives me something to look at instead of my computer monitors and the dark, gloomy weather I love.