The Most Exclusive Forum

I read forums.  I don’t read/write in forums.

I reply to myself.  In my own forum, on my own computer and you’re not invited.  I’ve found I’ll pretend ask a forum question, in my mind, and let the ‘forum’ respond.  It’s similar to my ‘how to kill a tiger’ writing, about how if you visualize your actions, you’ll always execute perfectly.

One would think visualizing/answering your own questions wou would create biased answers, but in my reality I get a wide variety of responses all adding to a better understanding of what action the question requires.  If you’ve lurked enough forums, you can almost predict the thread
responses.  Additionally, if you’ve read enough, you’re mind is able to mimic those writing styles into a myriad of responses based on
personality perceptions. Each perception virtually develops a different approach, and thus provides a different opinion/answer.

Who knows, maybe I need help.  And Maybe I do to.