Starting from Scratch


Well, according to Google Analytics, about 30 of you day might have noticed my blog decided to go AWOL.  Here’s the Sit Rep.   

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from the hosting company that they had a massive disk failure on their production boxes, and somehow that failure carried over to their backup servers.  Long story short, everything is FUBAR’d and all may be lost.  Too make myself feel better, I’m assuming that their Disk Arrays were located on Alderann, and that a moon sized space station gave them a little extra sun one day.  *sigh.* 

Anyways, the hosting company attempted to have the data recovered via a data / disk recovery firm in Texas – this attempt failed.  All was truly lost, forever.   

This is the part where you’re thinking – oh Dana, you must have a backup.  Well haha, I didn’t!!! (Backups are just something the IT folk tell you we have to make you feel better.)    I’ve been around the web for almost 20 years, and I’ve never heard of a commercial hosting company losing everything – backups and all.  So naturally, why would I bother backing up stuff?!    #FAIL

So, I’m starting over from scratch, and to be honest, I feel pretty good about it.  I could get all upset and stomp my foot at all the hard work I lost, but why bother?  It’s not going to bring any of my lost data back, and although I have nothing to show for it, I’m still in a much better place today than I was 2 years ago when that content existed.  All the work I’ve lost still made me a better person, and still advanced me to where I am currently.  I’m thinking much clearer than ever before, and I’m confident I have most of my ‘decent’ blog posts in some sort of electronic form, so I can repost to the site if I feel they positively benefited my small reader base.  The others will be lost to cyberspace forever, and probably good that they are.  J  So long suck posts! 

I’ve had a blog for almost 5 years.  I think I had about 120 articles posted, of varying quality.  Some good, some rants, some ‘WTF was I thinking.’  Regardless, in the past 5 years I’ve come very far in who I am as a person, and especially what my driving goals / motivation is.  Back when I started the blog, I was solely after money and power.  Now, I’m mainly about helping people in any way I can – obvious or surprising. 

So here goes, a fresh start, a fresh clean blog for a fresh new man.  (Dear Google, please don’t lose my ranking for ‘Dana Richardson.’)