Social Stock and Personality Portfolio

2009 aside… the stock market has been a place savvy investors use to increase their personal wealth.  Traditionally, you’d invest in companies you felt were going to be successful, said company would put your money to work to increase their business, and you’d be cut in on the new profits.  Simple right?

The Concept
Let me introduce you to a new concept I’ve been toying with called ‘Social Stock.’  Social Stock is everything you bring to the table at any given time.  It is a direct result of what you’ve earned by investing into yourself.  The sum of all your ‘Social Stock’ is your ‘Personality Portfolio.’

The Social Stock Investor
To be a successful ‘Social Stock’ investor, you have to be active.  You have to be aware of what the market is doing with your investments, and how you can tweak what you’ve already invested to better your Portfolio.  Diversify, if you well.

  • What’s the best way to invest?
  • Get out there and learn the following:
  • Can you predict the next hot stock?
  • What new stocks can you pick up to round out your portfolio?
  • This certain stock in your portfolio, what can be done to increase its value?

Social Stock Shares
Social Stock shares are the granular bits of your skill-set – your actual skills and talents.  What have you managed to pickup here and there?  What do you know and how much do you know about it?  What are you good / kinda-good at?

  • Can you tie a tie?
  • Can you cook a Cornish Game Hen?
  • Can you fix my computer?
  • Can you operate on my brain?

Penny Social Stocks
In many cases, the most successful Social Stock investors amongst us will use Penny Stocks to rocket their portfolio’s value, and diversify their investments.  Penny Stocks requires the Social Stock investor to only commit a small amount of investment into acquiring their value.  Many times these are great ways to diversify your value portfolio.

  • Toastmasters
  • Attending an Industry Conference
  • Researching a new topic of interest
  • Asking a mentor for help or conversing with an Industry leader
  • Commenting a new blog / Forum
  • Join a new professional organization
  • Networking and meeting new people

Long Term Social Stocks

Long Term Social Stocks serve as the foundation for your ‘Personality Portfolio.’  These are the ‘Blue Chips.’

  • College Education / MBA / PHP
  • Military Service
  • Career
  • Non-native language Fluency
  • Travel
  • Produced Content (Books, CDs, DVDs etc.)
  • Blog

Sitting on long term Social Stock investments can work, however you’re much more likely to succeed if you watch the environment, and figure how to best diversify your portfolio. Take some of the Penny Stock concepts and pad your ‘Personality Portfolio.’

Your ‘Personality Portfolio.’

Your ‘Personality Portfolio’ is currently made up of everything you’ve ever done, learned or attempted.  Even failure is part of your Personality Portfolio as it provides you with a great experience.  Everything has been a Social Stock investment, and it’s value changes based on it’s demand and availability.

Bringing it all Together

The more Social Stock in your Personality Portfolio, the more in demand you’ll be.  Coincedentally, the more success you will have.  Invest frequently, invest as much as you can.  Keep investing in yourself.  Learn more.  Do More.  Achieve more.  Earn more.  J