SAR Quick Deploy Emergency Harness

Here’s a short video I did for an organization I’ve taught a few SAR related classes to. (ZERT.)

ZERT is a pretty cool organization that uses ‘Zombie’ as a metaphor for anything that can go wrong, and they openly share info and offer training in all sort of disaster / emergency type scenarios.  Their instructors are top-notch, super experienced folk and I’m more than honored and humbled to be recognized as one.  Beyond that, they just have a really cool, drama free user base that lives to share info and help each other out  Really can’t say enough nice things about my time with that group.  I think the numbers are over 20,000 at this point, with ‘squadrons’ all over the globe.  And yes, I go by the name ‘Instructor Chico.’

In the video I demo a pre-tied piece of webbing I’ve used as a harness. It’s a very quick deploy and worst case you always have an extra 10-20ft piece of webbing.  It’s not perfect by any means, or comfortable, but it will get the job done when you have limited options.

You can also use the pre-tied webbing as a ‘throw-loop,’ ‘drag-loop,’ or if need be form it into an X and use for limited transfer mechanism.

And yes, for my experienced rope folk, there is a concern about tri loadng the ‘biner. Again, this solution is not perfect, it’s dirty if anything but will work in a pinch.  Use at own risk and don’t be stupid.