Outcome Empowerment

Ever been scared to do something?

Well, what scares you about it?  Is it dangerous?  Is it embarrassing?  Does it make you uncomfortable?  Why?

What if I told you I could help?  What if I could offer you unlimited courage, confidence and strength?  For free?

Better, what if I told you this ability is already available to you right now, and it could take you less than 5 seconds to tap into it?  Sold yet?

It’s called ‘Outcome Empowerment,’ and you’ve always had it.  It’s a very simple concept to grasp, yet its power is very dangerous.  Use it correctly, and you’ll grow – use it wrong and it could keep you hiding in the dark.

Let’s discuss.

Everything has an outcome and the outcome is very valuable.  It’s priceless.  To get to the outcome, you have to grow.  To get to the outcome, you must have an experience.  That experience is important.  Experience = growth.

Some outcomes are good, some bad.  Some unseen, but most guessable.  If you are in the right frame of mind, acting with a clear conscious, you can literally see the outcome before it happens.  Sometimes, you’ll see multiple outcomes.  Even more surprising, most outcomes of things that previously scared you, will produce much more positive outcomes than you ever thought.  Many times, the outcomes you foresee will be ‘no big deal,’ and you’ll often look back and laugh that you put so much fear energy into preventing you from reaching that outcome, and experiencing that growth.  Seeing the outcomes as positive and advantageous generates a sense of courage within you, a spark of confidence to move forward towards that delicious, valuable outcome.  Mmmm, outcome…

The key to Outcome Empowerment, is 100% how you guess the outcomes.  When you guess correctly, you tempt your courage, and in return – your courage answers with more courage.  Seeing an outcome as and opportunity generates an immediate sense of excitement, courage and confidence.  Likewise, looking at something that makes you nervous, and seeing the outcome as ‘not a big deal,’ will generate the same amount of courage and confidence.  For free.  In under 10 seconds.

Congrats, you just figured out ‘Outcome Empowerment.’

Let’s look at some examples, the ‘Guesses’ involved and how the ‘Outcome Empowerment’ kicked in.

Strange Food

“What the heck is that weird thing on my plate?  It looks kinda odd..  There’s no way I’m eating that.”

Why?  What is going to happen if you tempt your courage and try a new food?  It’s very simple and requires little to no effort.  Put it on your fork, put it in your mouth…  for just a second.  It’s taken you longer to think about it, and wonder about the outcome than if you’d have just tried it.  If you don’t like it, you can spit it out and live the rest of your life knowing that you don’t like that particular food.  But.. what if you find yourself liking it?  You find it’s either not that bad, or you really, really like it..  It will probably lead to more types of food you may really like.  That may lead to even more food you never knew you loved.  Before you know it, you may have added an entirely new culture of cuisine to your life.  More options.  More experiences.  More knowledge.  More growth!

All these new tastes and flavors you’re now aware of.  You even now may even be able to incorporate some of the tastes and flavors into your home cooking.  You’re now a more diverse cook.  Even more, what new social connections are available to you due to your like of that new food?  New ‘Date Restaurant’ option?  New food discussion points?  New stories to tell people?   New place to recommend friends?

See where this is going?

That single bite you took long ago, may have just opened a entirely new path of opportunities to you, simply by putting something in your mouth.  It took you 5 seconds to figure out that it wasn’t a big deal, and provided you an avalanche of growth.

Being conscious and focusing on the outcome advantages allowed you to diminish the negatives, and ignited courage, confidence and ‘Outcome Empowerment.’  So dig in!

Another Example

Guess what, you’re going Skydiving.

Oh hell no.  Does it spook you?  Jumping out of a perfectly good plane, and falling to the earth?  What’s scary about it?  The chute not opening?  But what are the odds that will actually happen?  I mean, you’re practically guaranteed to make it back to earth safe and sound, right?  What do you gain by living in fear of a practically guaranteed safe thing?  Is that fear even logical when the numbers/stats say so much otherwise?  Why are you afraid of something safe?  Does Tupperware scare you?

Skydiving experts have perfected a safety process over dozens of years.  There are two chutes, and more safety checks than the people whom serve your food have to take.  Statistically, you’re more likely to be killed getting out of your bed.

So what’s it take for you to do it?

You show up.  It’s easier than dating.

(Here’s where I sell some Skydiving trips….  )

Visualize the Skydiving process from a state of ‘Outcome Empowerment.  Really analyze it if you must, from start to finish.  What happens?

You show up, and you get strapped to a professional skydiver.  You’re bound to an expert, a person that’s done hundreds of jumps, literally holds your hand the entire way.  (In kindergarten, this is the equivalent of the teacher coloring for you.  Career wise, it’s your boss doing your work for you while you drink coffee.)  Over 60+ years, the strap-in process has been perfected, by experts.  You’re one of millions of people that have been strapped in to an EXPERT skydiver.  It’s a totally proven, successful and safe process, that people have perfected so you can experience it!  They’ve made it entirely safe and fun, just for you!

Where do you get that kind of support?

Moving on – you fly in a plane, which you’ve all likely done.  You get one heck of a view.  It’s gorgeous.  You can see everything, and then… you step forward… a handful of inches.  That’s all.  You’re required to show up, and step forward a few inches.

That’s all it takes.  You’re doing it!

Now, you’re only requirement is to not soil yourself, keep breathing, and enjoy the ride.  Don’t close your eyes – you need to see this!  Feel the energy rush, feel the wind.  See the world from a new, beautiful angle.   Breathe the wonderfully, albeit nippy, air.  Enjoy the rush of passion and adrenaline from your proven, safe, strapped-in growth experience.    After a couple minutes of adrenaline and emotional bliss, you walk away with an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life.  You’ve done it, you’ve skydived.  Big deal right?  Heck, do it again!

Now, this may not have fully convinced you to go Skydiving or eat Snails, but I’m hoping you are feeling a little more comfy about similar or current situations that make you nervous or scared.  Are they really that big a deal?  What’s honestly going to happen, I mean really… In just a few seconds, you could learn centuries.  This is you using ‘Outcome Empowerment’ to grow.

It really is that easy.

Lastly, where can you use and apply some ‘Outcome Empowerment’ now?  What if you give that one thing a little more effort and actually execute some energy on it?  In your job or career?  In your social activities?  In your lifestyle?  What new experience can you have with just using a matter of seconds to empower yourself?

So, go forth and trick yourself with ‘Outcome Empowerment.’  Say ‘Hi’ to that attractive person.  Join a new club or organization.  Get visible at work.  Or, join me Skydiving.