On Perspectives and Bull$hit

I’m cursed with always having a positive outlook.  People come to me for advice, simply because I always have a creative way to look at things.

Just this morning I got hit with insulting business news.  Won’t go into detail, but it’s money related.  Regardless it’s news of the bullsh!t variety.

Anyways, I went outside to call my father to talk ‘business.’  I knew my ego would get a little satisfaction as he and I would bitch about being screwed over and what bullshit it was.  He’d eventually calm me down and give much needed guidance.  He’s my dad, is wiser than me, and always has great fatherly business advice.

Instead I got my mom.

Dad was at work.  I love my mom to death but Mom aint so great when it comes to business and ‘screwed over’ advice.  I casually chit-chatted with her and explained I’d call dad later.  As she was prodding trying to figure out what I needed my father for, I looked down.

What I saw hit me in my spiritual nuts.

This is what I saw.

You may just see gravel.  You may see a yellow dot in the middle.  You may even see a lesson here as I did.

I recouped from my divine ‘blast in the bits,’ and put it all together.

There’s a lot of dirt.  Lots of bumpy, hard rock of all shapes and sizes and scattered everywhere.  There’s a bright yellow thing in the middle of the gray and dust.  It’s not a Skittle.  It’s a flower, blooming amongst the debris and blockage.  Nearby, about an inch down in the photo above, there is a seed.  (It’s a Peach pit or something, but seed nonetheless.)   An ideal symbol for growth.

Keep standing out as a beacon of whatever you are.  Keep being yourself.  Ignore the blocks and rocks and whatever is in your way, or making you feel out of place.  Don’t give your power away to it.  Money, professional or social wise – there’s always growth opportunities nearby.

Thanks Universe!
Lame or not, it instantly made me feel better and was a great reminder / synchronicity.

What this means to you.
Everything will always have some aura of suck.  No matter the darkness, dust and blockage it’s always up to you to decide whether you’re going to focus on the suck, or keep looking for the nearby growth opportunities.

Keep your perspective creative, and your focus clear.