Observational Humor Kinde Case Study

The format of this post is based off John Kinde’s Observational Humor write-ups.  He often posts these at his blog – HumorPower.com.

Observational Humor is something John Kinde does at Powerhouse Pro’s meetings.  (Toastmasters club in Las Vegas.)  John is one of the best humorists in the world, a mentor and a good friend.  I highly suggest you bookmark/RSS his humor blog, as he is consistently putting out some of the best FREE humor resources I’ve ever used.  I have learned much from him.

The setup / Meeting Notes

  • While opening the meeting, Our Sergeant at Arms, Ryan Mulligan, made a guff calling the group ‘Plowerhouse Pros.’
  • One of our speakers, Scott Pritchard, did a wonderfully funny speech about his successful pool cleaning / pool maintenance business
    • Said a pool should have PH of 7.  Shampoo has PH of 9.  Corona w/ Lime has PH of 2.
    • Mentioned a pool should not be green.
  • Another speaker, Jeff Civillico, did a speech about being a professional entertainer and juggler.
    • Said his parents would rather him be in jail than be a juggler
    • When asking the crowd what they thought of when they heard ‘juggling,’ member of audience replied ‘chainsaws.’
    • Said juggling was like ‘golf.’
    • Mentioned a family member was expecting Quadruplets soon.
  • Speaker 3, Ryan Mulligan, did a speech on playing soccer with a Czech team whom he had trouble understanding.
    • One soccer player was named ‘Duchane’ who frequently tricked Ryan into passing to him whilst being on the opposing team.
    • When Ryan accidentally passed the soccer ball to the opposing team, his teammates yelled ‘Divola!’  (Ryan yelled this very loud, to emphasize it.)
  • Speaker 4, Stacy Kennedy mentioned she was recruiting Toastmasters for her new jailhouse club.  (She was doing her area winning tall-tale in which she was jailed for kidnapping sheep and landing a plane in Modesto… again, it was a VERY tall-tale.)
  • A Table Topic Speaker, Alex Wu compared his libido to the Stratosphere.
  • Word of the day was ‘Pleasure.’
  • Bill Parker made mention about his wife being turned on by his great big ears.
  • Meeting is close to St. Patricks Day.

The Monologue

“I was taking great pleasure in this meeting, until Alex Wu forever ruined the Stratosphere for me.”

Got some great laughs.  Busted up the room quite nicely.  Great way to start my monologue.  Crowd now warmed up.

“You know what they say about golf?  It’s like chainsaws.”

This one didn’t do so well, and I didn’t really expect it to.  It seems most people forgot/missed the Speaker’s reference to this.  Couple chuckles, but not much.

“What do you do when an opposing Czech soccer team tries to get you to pass the ball? ‘Du-shun’ them. “

This got the audience laughing again.  After not making the golf/chainsaw callback, I was honestly a little worried they wouldn’t remember the soccer players name, but it appeared as if they did.

“Ryan and I are also here from a Toastmasters club, recruiting new members.  Maybe you’ve heard of us, we’re an Amish club called ‘Plowerhouse Pros.’”

Again, was worried the audience wouldn’t catch the callback to the guff.  Seems like they did.  Got some great laughs.  Probably helped I roped ‘Ryan’ in with me.

Top 5 Reasons Scott Pritchard should clean your pool

5 – After swimming in your pool, your cousin is expecting quadruplets.

I knew this one would work whether or not people were able to make the callback to the ‘quadruplets’ reference a speaker said.  It paints a picture of a pool so gross, it causes health issues.  I’m sure some made the callback, some just laughed do to its silliness.

4 – Your pool stays green well past St. Patricks Day.

Knew this one wouldn’t get as many as the rest, so stuck it between my good stuff.  Worked a little because St. Patrick’s day was Wednesday, and this was the Monday prior.

3 – You find yourself suddenly attracted to Bill Parkers great big ‘Divola.’

Got some decent laughs, but I don’t think many people made the connection with ‘Divola.’  They definitely made the connection to what Bill Parker said, however I feel most of them we’re thinking I used a nonsense word.  Also, I didn’t say ‘Divola’ like Ryan did.  I’m sure if I would have raised my voice like he did, it would have helped the callbacks.

2 – After seeing your pool, your parents would rather you be a juggler.

This absolutely destroyed the room in laughter.  I had them.  They were laughing very loudly.  Callback to Speaker 2 worked perfectly.

1-      If a pool is a PH of 7, and a Corona is a PH of 2, you start to think if you only dump lots of beer in your pool you can shampoo your hair in it.

This one spooked me a bit as I’m not 100% sure on how I was going to structure the math here.  Fortunately the audience picked up where I was going once I mentioned PH and Corona.  Laughing uncontrollably as I finished my monologue.