IDFR – Delicious, Low Calorie Narcissism.

If you think it’s lame to cheer yourself on, you need to put down the Wayne Dyer and go do something kick-4ss.  Being awesome is awesome.

Your Biggest Fan
In order to be awesome, you need to have one very critical fan – yourself.  If you’re not cheering yourself on, or not in the mood to root for yourself, you probably need to go back to bed and stop reading my overly optimistic awesome writing.  Alternatively, if you are a fan of yourself and your awesomeness, stop reading this post and continue awesome punching the world.  But, if you’re on the fence about your awesomeness, or just need a little encouragement, stay tuned.  I possess the formula to get you all awesome’d out.

WTF… You Egotistical Jerk…
You see, this post is more of a ‘Happy Narcissistic Kick to the Buttons,’ and is intended to fire everyone up to make 2011 the best year of their lives.  Screw resolutions, forget plans and goals, and forget intentions.  Let’s get awesome.

I’m about to present a formula.  It’s my formula.  It’s what I use to get myself pumped, and I’m about to share it with you all.  Here goes…

I’m’ + [ Insert Your First Name ] + ‘F#!king‘ + [ Insert Your Last Name.] + ‘.

In my case, it’s “I’m Dana F!#king Richardson,” or simply, IDFR.

Point of reference – you’ll see I ended mine with a period.  A simple period is more my style.  Feel free to end yours with a smiley face, or go the Samuel Jackson style and add a few exclamation marks.  The only thing not allowed is a question mark.  You don’t even have to use my model exactly; it’s just what works for me.  But have a model you use, that you can easily abbreviate.  For instance, my friend Erin Pavlina was one referred to as “No Ordinary Mortal” by a journalist.  So now her battle cry is EPNOM, which stands for “Erin Pavlina: No Ordinary Mortal.”

Call it your mantra, motto, foundational phrase, battle cry, cheer, slogan, jingle, ditty or catchphrase, but use it… constantly.  Say it repeatedly in your head and constantly encourage yourself.  Embrace your inner, healthy narcissism and get all up in the universe’s face.

IDFR In Action
About to attempt something that makes your insides misbehave?  Sensing any doubt, lameness or unsubstantiated fear?  Bang out your IDFR.    (Notice I said ‘unsubstantiated fear’ – don’t go wrestling a bear or crime-fighting in a green unitard.)

Accomplish a large goal?  Triumph over a task?  Simply happy that you did something right?  Grab some pom-pom’s, and repeat your narcissistic battle cry, because you rock!

IDFR Bonus Tip: Create a calendar reminder that goes off every day when you wake up and have a biblically awesome day, every day.  Every morning, 5am its “IDFR Go Time” until I go to bed.  My day barely knows what hit it.

Heck, make a fashion statement and get some T-Shirts printed.  My first IDFR fashion line coming this fall, fully designed by Microsoft Paint and Arial Bold.  100% of the sales expected to be made to Dana Richardson of Las Vegas, Nevada.  (If you’d like your own limited edition rare mint-in-box IDFR shirt – contact me here or on

Low Calorie, Healthy Narcissism
A healthy sense of narcissism is a very good thing, as it gives you confidence.  Everyone has done amazing things with their life, and I hope that continues.  As you evolve, you grow.  Grow while being yourself.  Be proud of what you’ve done.  Recognize that you’ve done some very special, uniquely awesome things to date!  It’s awesome!  You’re awesome!  Never forget that!

Humble Pie Binge
Never make a single accomplishment your identity, or overly celebrate.  Remain humble.  For once you concrete one accomplishment as your identity, you ‘Bobby McFerrin’ yourself, aka become a One-Hit-Wonder.  (For our younger readers, ‘Don’t let the Dogs out’ on one accomplishment…)  Accept awesomeness, and move on to your next awesome endeavor.  All while shouting your battle cry!

It’s Go Time
Continue raising your awesome bar, and continue rooting yourself on.  Create a healthy sense of narcissism based on the things that make you proud – and use your IDFR / Battle-Cry to remind yourself.  Say it constantly.  With you as your biggest fan, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.  Better, your other fans are waiting to see what you can do!  Hell, even Superman is still figuring out what he’s capable of!

Now go forth, and be awesome!  IDFR!!!!!!!