Halo Headband Review – No More Sweat!

 I’m pretty gross.  
Whenever I do anything physical, I sweat, a lot.  
Halo Headband SAR Mission

First Mission I wore the Halo Headband on – circa 2010’ish?

Been that way since I was a kid.  During hockey, my teammates would always comment at how sweaty my shirt, helmet etc. had gotten during a game.  Clearly they were just not working as hard as I was.  😉  (Jk, I probably have some sweaty medical condition.) 

In fact, at this point, and with zero challengers I think I’m the world’s most extreme sweater.  It pours out of my head and face, and while there’s already a million excuses I’m internally screaming to myself during my umpteenth Burpee, I don’t need “ABORT, ABORT – THERE’S SWEAT BURNING YOUR EYES” voice screaming at me with the hidden agenda to get me to quit.  
I’ve tried towels, I’ve tried hats, I’ve tried bandannas, I’ve tried visors and then I tried the Halo Headband… and then I had to try no more.  This thing is perfect.  
It’s a simple neoprene headband with a tiny magical strip of rubber lining.   When worn properly, this Caterpillar Angel of rubber prevents the sweat from going directly down your face and into your eyes.  It routes all the sweat to the sides of your face perfectly.  It works great.  It’s simply genius.    

They come in a variety of colors and can be picked up on Amazon or locally at REI etc.  I’ve had mine for about 5 years now, and it’s still in great shape.  They run about $10, a no-brainer price to pay to keep your eyes from burning during physical activity.  Highly, highly recommend.  
Warning – while you won’t have the voice screaming about sweat in your eyes, you will have a new voice screaming about “WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SWEAT ROLLING PAST YOUR EARS.”