What You Want vs. What You do… And Goat Farming

Are you doing what you want to do in life, or are you simply passing time working a career you don’t resonate with?

The Test

If I were to walk up to you right now, and ask “So what do you do for a living,” how would you respond?  Be honest, and I want details.  Get all elaborate-y.

And If I followed that question with this question “And what is it that you really want to do,” how would you respond?


Now, why are these answers different?  And why would you choose to tell me the uninspired path in your life?

If I was a complete stranger you were meeting for the first time, why wouldn’t you tell me about your passion?  Why would you choose to tell me excuses and boring details about being a paycheck slave?

Now, I’m not going to tell you to quit your job, if you don’t want to.  Doing things all ‘Willy Nilly’ has neither worked for Willy nor Nilly.  Some people simply can’t afford to lose the constant money coming to them… at this point.  (Myself included.)

Many of us are stuck at these cross-roads.  We want something different for our lives, but can’t realistically make the full jump of walking away from our known money-maker, into the risk and uncertainty of following our passions.  We all have bills, some have kids, and most are responsible for themselves or others.  This is fine.

But why would you keep talking about something you don’t really want?!!

What I ask of you is that you start ignoring the career you don’t want.

Wait, what?

Ignore your career.  Ignore your day-to-day.  Don’t talk about it outside of your cubicle.  Don’t associate yourself with it.  It doesn’t exist.

Here’s the Deal

Figure out what you really want to do.  If money or responsibilities didn’t matter, this is what you’d be doing all day.  It can be major or minor, light or dark.  Each of us possesses our own passions, and each of us have our own desires as we author our lives.  What is it you’d really like to be doing?

“Dana, I’ve heard this all before, so what’s your point.”

If someone walks up to you and asks what you do for a living, don’t tell them about the non-inspired computer programmer job you do just so you can put food on the table for your kids, or in my case, my cat.  Instead, tell them what you want to be.  Pretend you’re already there.  “I’m a speaker.”  “I’m a intuitive.”  “I’m a goat farmer.”  Whatever your passion is, whatever it is your really, really want to do – start telling people this instead of what you’re actually doing.  It doesn’t matter if you literally just came up with your true passion minutes ago, start talking about it immediately when giving the chance.  Especially when communicating with others!

Why this is Important.

It’s a Law of Attraction thing.  (If you’re into LoA… It’s simple ‘Networking’ if you’re not.)

If the first thing you are telling people is about something you don’t want, or want to do… It aint really communicating with the universe that you want something different is it?  Likewise, let’s say you are already working that passion, are you going to be telling people about your old, boring cubicle ridden job?  NO.  Sure, if the conversation extends long enough, you’ll probably eventually let out about your non-inspired constant paycheck – but by that time you’ve already conveyed your true passion.  Your day-to-day is an afterthought at that point.  Good job!

What’s Going to Happen

First off, you’re going to connect better with the people you meet.  People will feel your passion and energy about what it is you want to do, and they’re going to instantly become a fan of you.  They’re going to support you, give you word of encouragement, and also they may have connections or networking opportunities to offer you.  Who knows, maybe there cousins best friend’s sister knows someone in the industry you want to operate in!

Moreover, it’s going to energize you.  It’s going to empower you.  You’re going to get all excited.

As these people become instant fans and victims of your expressed passion, you’re going to start more aligning with what it is you’re going to be.  You’re going to start internalizing more and more courage towards that passion, to the point it’s almost a reality.  You’re going to get the feeling of what it’s like to be what it is you want.  It’s going to become who you are.   You’ll be identifying, and identified by it.  You’re going to be doing more and more things associated with that passion.  You’re going to get more and more opportunities to practice that passion.  Before you know it, you’ll be it.

What if you’re doing what you love, but not quite at the level you want.

Well then tell them the level you want!!  Tell the world!  “I want to be a 6 figure Blogger.”  “I want to base-jump off the new Dubai tower.”  The key here is to answer immediately with what you want, making it your reality!  Bottom line, they’re going to be interested in you because of your passion and energy.  They’ll be drawn to your dream.

So, what do you do?