Enlightenment From A Pen

Look at a pen.  Take it in.  What are the different parts?  What does what?  Why is it designed that way?  How does it become useful to the world?

A pen’s sole purpose in the world is to get ink out onto something.  The pen’s ink can be used for writing, art or communication.  With a single pen one can draft words into law, create a timeless painting, break someone’s heart or simply ‘doodle’ to pass the time.  Such a small, rather meaningless hodgepodge of engineering, materials and physics can change the world for thousands, maybe millions of people – or maybe, just one.

For the most part, the pen stays thoughtless, unrecognized or admired.  It’s rarely acknowledged, and only seems to show it’s brilliance when pushed or pulled.  You can find them everywhere, they come in different colors and many times nobody pays any attention to its ability or power.   The pen itself isn’t aware of it’s own potential.  Many are just thrown away, kicked aside or forgotten.

Now, why is this important?

The pen is you.

You’re one of billions of people on this planet and can be found anywhere.  You come in different colors, and most of you aren’t aware of your own power, let alone any brilliance you may contain.  Your potential is endless, and your paths will always differ.

What is going to separate you from the rest of the pens?  Are you going to be a throw-away pen, one that isn’t ever used?  Or are you going to be a pen that creates a legacy?  Are you going to be black ink, powerful, crisp and visible, or are you more a red ink – critical and savage?  When you create, what is going to stick?  What is going to be scratched out?  What are you going to devote your ink to?

Many times we wait for someone to let our brilliance out.  We’re inanimate.  Our purpose contained, possibly wasted.

Rare is a pen that works by itself.  All the brilliance it contains, all the possibilities it possesses will usually require someone, or something to get it moving.  Something needs to wield this weapon of genius.  The Muse.

The Muse is the greater body, the universe.  The Muse knows what it wants the pen to do, and it will help it do it so long as the pen allows it to.  Together, the Muse and the pen can create good, evil or simply waste time together.  The Muse teaches and leads the pen.  The Muse can push the pen outside the boundaries of where most pens operate.  Neither dependent on each other, but together a force.

Your true purpose, your passions, your ability has been designed.  Your purpose, contained.  It’s not by mistake and it will make a difference in the world, once you let the Muse operate.  Open up to the Muse and see where your ink goes.  Create a path, create a destiny, or simply… Create.  The Muse will help.

Let it go, get it out.  Start now.