10 Ways to Have a Better Day

Look for Beauty An attractive smile.  An elderly couple holding hands.  The sunrise.  Look for beauty, and you’ll eventually see it everywhere, in everything.  Just don’t start abusing adjectives with airy-fairy tweets and status updates. Forget Road Rage If you take an analytical look at your driving, chances are you’ll commit the same rage inducing […]

Your Happy Card

It’s Monday Morning and I really don’t feel like being at work.  I mean, I REALLY don’t.  Sometimes I’m okay with going to work, knowing I kinda have to, and I actually have a pretty decent job.  But today isn’t the case.  I’m very anti-work this morning.  I’m sure many of you feel the same. […]

Observational Humor Kinde Case Study

The format of this post is based off John Kinde’s Observational Humor write-ups.  He often posts these at his blog – HumorPower.com. Observational Humor is something John Kinde does at Powerhouse Pro’s meetings.  (Toastmasters club in Las Vegas.)  John is one of the best humorists in the world, a mentor and a good friend.  I […]