10 Ways to Have a Better Day

  1. Look for Beauty
    An attractive smile.  An elderly couple holding hands.  The sunrise.  Look for beauty, and you’ll eventually see it everywhere, in everything.  Just don’t start abusing adjectives with airy-fairy tweets and status updates.
  2. Forget Road Rage
    If you take an analytical look at your driving, chances are you’ll commit the same rage inducing behavior within 10 minutes of witnessing it.  We’re all sh*tty drivers from time to time.  If you disagree, you probably haven’t been checking your blind spot for the people you’ve been cutting off.
  3. Go Outside
    You’re never going to look back and wish you spent more time inside.  Get a breath of fresh air and some natural Vitamin-D.  Don’t hate the daylight.  Roofs are lame.  Go annoy nature.
  4. Get Sweaty
    Whether exercise or the anxiety of trying something new.  Sweat is good for the soul.  Get nervous or get busy.  That’s what they make deodorant for.
  5. Make Someone’s day
    One of the best ways for you to have a good day is to make sure someone else has one.  Compliment a stranger, or a friend.  Hold open a door.  Be polite.  Thank a soldier.  Leave a ridiculous tip.  Then feed of the person’s joy like a friggin’ happiness vampire.
  6. Stop Judging
    Don’t assume or judge someone without knowing why they’re behaving or look a certain way.  Drama stems from judgment and god knows if you judge enough, someone you know / love will end up on People of Wal Mart.  Look for and celebrate the imperfections of others, only if it’s because their screwy ways are a lesson in what not to do.
  7. Make a ‘Story.’
    Attempt something crazy.  Try something new.  Go somewhere strange.  Put something weird in your mouth.  Double-Dog Dare yourself.  Life is about making experiences, and not being lame.
  8. Laugh at Yourself
    Do something stupid.  Mispronounce words.  Allow yourself to be embarrassed.  Get awkward.  Just make sure it’s not hurtful to anyone, or that you don’t make the evening news.
  9. Create Something
    Write something, draw something, build something.  Your ideas are brilliant.  Innovate, create, and make them happen.  You’ll never know if you have the next ‘Shake Weight’ until you start gluing Popsicle sticks to rocks.
  10. Reward Yourself
    Reward yourself for being awesome.  You make the rules.  Bask and celebrate in your own awesomeness.  A gallon of ice cream, a new toy or a fat steak.  Go nuts you big superhero.
  11. Project Love and Admiration
    Love people, love cars, love everything.  Admire the guy at Burger King that thinks Ketchup is food group.  If you project love, you’ll disarm and receive it in return.  Just no groping.

Notice there’s actually 11?  Well you’re breaking rule #6, don’t judge me.  Now go do some pushups.